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Fosse Farms’ line of salad dressings, dips, and marinades is an extension of the warmth that permeated my mother’s kitchen – warmth not just from the heat of the oven but from the atmosphere my mother fostered while preparing delightful, delicious meals.  Her simple but elegant creations were not just an expression of love for her family; she welcomed any guest or friend coming into her home by making them truly feel “at home.”  The kitchen was the gathering spot and hub for all of our social interaction.  The comfort and warmth that emanated from my mother inspired me to create products that have their roots in a simpler time when wholesome food was created with tender care.  My mother created a variety of dishes from simple ingredients that had distinct flavors which were unforgettable.  I started making my own salad dressing more than twenty years ago because I became tired of consuming insipid dressings that were full of undecipherable ingredients that appeared to be unhealthy.  I harkened back to my days as a youth when I had the good fortune to eat fresh, wholesome food.



The creativity and simplicity of my mother’s culinary style is the foundation for all Fosse Farms’ offerings.  Our company produces products with the intent of fostering a sense of joy and wellbeing.  Fosse Farms is carrying on the tradition of my mother seeking to enhance the “family” experience by producing small batches to protect their integrity with simple organic ingredients (berries, herbs, garlic, olive oil and hand-infused vinegar).  Fosse Farms is committed to using no fillers, chemicals, salt, soy, or dairy products.  All Fosse Farms’ products are certified gluten free, vegan, Kosher and low in calories.  We make every effort to create an ecologically sound product where nothing is wasted in the production of our product.  The goal of Fosse Farms is to be part of the sustainable farming movement that provides an alternative to highly processed, mass marketed agricultural products.