Mission Statement


Fosse Farms seeks to provide fabulous tasting dressings and shrubs that are free of any additives or preservatives.  I want to provide my customers with superior products at an affordable price that are free of soy, salt, dairy, gluten, non-gmo, organic  and vegan.  We seek to carve out a niche that will give discriminating shoppers a non-dairy, non-gmo, and vegan alternative to mass produced, generic tasting dressings.  Every effort is made to create an ecologically sound product.  For example, any byproducts from “spent” berries and herbs after making the dressings and vinegars are used in compost.  Additionally, efforts are made to recycle plastic containers – nothing is wasted in the production of this awesome product.  Fosse Farms strives to be part of the sustainable farming movement that provides an alternative to highly processed, mass marketed agricultural products.