Nutritional Information


Some folks swear by the natural healing abilities of the fresh ingredients and tender loving care Elaine captures in every bottle of dressing!

Garlic has been found to have natural anti-microbial, antiseptic, and anti-viral properties and assists in the reduction of blood pressure and cholesterol.

Olive Oil is monounsaturated with a beneficial effect on blood cholesterol levels. Studies indicate olive oil may help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Olives contain the antioxidant Vitamin E.

Raspberries: a signifi cant source of Vitamins B and C, flavinoids, carotene, calcium, and other minerals.

Cranberries: a signifi cant source of Vitamin C and flavinoids, cranberries contain more anti-oxidants than nearly two dozen common fruits. Rich in citric, malic, ellagic and other acids, cranberry’s natural astringent and health properties may protect against bladder infections, atheriorsclerois, and help prevent periodontal disease.

Blackberries: a tonic herb high in Vitamins C and E anthrocyanocides, pectin and the mineral selenium, blackberries may be helpful in reducing sugar levels and macular degeneration.