Frequently Asked Questions

We only use the best locally sourced ingredients.  Unlike many other brands we only use Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Many other brands claim to have OEVOO yet they blend it with soybean and or canola oil.  You only get the best all natural ingredients with Fosse Farms- no label magic, we are the real deal.

Yes!  Even our left over berries have a second life by being fed to the deer and elk that visit Fosse Farms!

Every batch of Fosse Farms is made with locally sourced herbs, and berries.  Each batch of ingredients will vary slightly from one another.  Because we are organic and all natural, the dressing takes on the natural color of the ingredients which varies from batch to batch.

You can find a store near you that sells Fosse Farms Products by going to our Where to buy page and finding a location closest to you. If you can’t find a location close to you, visit our online store to have Fosse Farms delivered directly to your door!